Global Olive: Quality, innovation and sustainability

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Global Olive is a multidisciplinary consultancy that has adapted to the new socio-economic scene of the table olives sector throughout its ten year history.

Quality, innovation and sustainability are the three pillars on which it is founded Global Olive. With a long family tradition in the sector, in 2005 began its journey to fill an important non-existent gap: applying new technologies to the table olive industry.

Today has become a reference worldwide, introducing new process anywhere in the world. Processes that provide greater competitiveness to its customers, improving the quality of its products Global Olive team consists of professionals from different areas related to Biology, Engineering, Environmental, and Food Technology.

Teamwork and the constant evolution of their knowledge have managed it to position itself as a reference in the sector of table olives. In addition, it has a team of international projects, constantly looking for new markets.

Their clients, growing, produce annually more than 45,000 tons of olives green Sevillian style, 1,000 tons of natural black olives and more than 17000 tons of black olive, California, as well as form style part recognized by large institutional supports industrial research projects.

Global Olive also participates in many research projects and applied industrial innovation, recognized for their high level of interest to the sector and substantial institutional aid received.